Messengers Will Never Be the Same: e-Chat Plans to Launch the Bloggers Exchange

Messenger is a social and financial tool of modern people, designed to unite all the functions of our usual messengers and to facilitate the financial operations around the world. All that you have recently used in various applications on your phone or PC becomes available in e-Chat: chats, blogs, social networks, online payments, cryptocurrencies and even the exchange!


We made the emphasis on creating an ecosystem for bloggers, who have already become the new opinion leaders and can easily compete with the most popular newspapers and TV channels. Therefore, the new platform offers them a function of content monetization, namely - cryptolike. By means of cryptolike, e-Chat users can thank the content author in the form of a microtransaction and help novice bloggers reach a new level by providing their subscribers with new interesting materials. The cryptolike ecosystem in e-Chat will become for bloggers a real way out of dependence on advertisers and will enable them to earn money by creating the content they like. In addition, cryptolike will allow them to analyze the value of their own content by a modern payment unit - cryptocurrency!


However, a complete breakthrough will be a rating and exchange of bloggers. Despite the fact that that this is a pilot project, we have no doubt that in the future it will take its niche in the growing popularity of the content monetization market and may well become a trend among all social networks. This is a completely new and interesting opportunity, both for bloggers and users, it allows bloggers to create their own tokens and trade them on the internal exchange. This will greatly simplify the interaction between them and their followers and make these connections more effective. Tokens can be used for access paid content or to purchase, for example, a music album, tickets for a concert or show and other events that will be held by celebrities. Tokens of the most popular stars and famous bloggers can be profitably sold or stored as an investment.


Just imagine, e-Chat will become the birthplace of star cryptocurrency! They won't be just internal tokens, we are talking about full-fledged cryptocurrencies based on the ERC-20 standard, which may further be added to international exchanges and traded on the market together with Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Moreover, the e-Chat application architecture guarantees its users complete security, since the application is blockchain-based and is additionally protected at all levels.

Visit the e-Chat website and join us in Telegram for further details!

  • Date news 02/19
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