e-Chat Second-Guessed Telegram Intentions, TON is Already Left Behind

Quite recently, the instant messaging clients have directed their attention into the sphere of decentralized and distributed technologies. One of the latest news received from the Telegram Founder, Pavel Durov, is the launch of TON (Telegram Open Network) project. We understand that it will take time for the company to run ICO and work out the robust codebase enabling the network implementation on Blockchain. TON closed the private sale by raising $850M, instead of the initial goal of only $600M. The public sale will start in March aiming to raise another $600M. But why you have to wait?


e-Chat is here and it has all the functionality TON still needs to develop! We already have an encrypted cryptowallet that allows payments across the network. e-Chat is a revolutionary messaging platform and a fast-growing social network providing the option of Cryptolike. Apart from messaging functions, it also supports other functionality. Please, read in one of our previous posts about the full range of services offered by e-Chat. Goodbye TON, e-Chat took the lead!

  • Date news 02/21
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