e-Chat Final ICO Round Closes in 1 Day

We have traveled a long way with you and are very happy to have your support and appreciation. Right now, the amount of downloads exceeds 1 million, and thousands of people post on ‘Moments’ newsfeed waiting for the connection of crypto wallets. As soon as we integrate this functionality, all these users will be able to receive cryptolikes with the embedded ECHT.


e-Chat has become a center of attention for hundreds of celebrities and Internet gurus worldwide. They continue to post about us, expressing the strongest sides of our decentralized messaging platform. We are ready to challenge such well-known messengers as Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, etc. e-Chat has all the needed functionality and even more: we have introduced the secured and protected channel of micropayments and other financial transactions. Basically, e-Chat is capable of providing the best service staying the most protected, secure, decentralized app among the existing analogs.


Hurry up to participate in the Final Round of ICO, get ECHT! We have introduced the loyalty program to our community members. ICO participants who invested in the ICO before January 22, 2018, may get ECHT with 25% discount. The community members who haven’t donated yet but registered before February 9, 2018, are provided with 15% discount! All other ICO participants could still get ECHT with 5% discount.

  • Date news 02/28
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