e-Chat vs. Snapchat

Everyone is familiar with Snapchat, an app that was extremely popular a couple of years ago and due to unknown reasons, has dropped in popularity in recent times. Some of the celebrities, for example, Kylie Kardashian once asked her followers on Twitter whether they keep using Snapchat. She claimed herself not to use it anymore. Looks like not many of her fans keep that habit either.


One of the revolutionary features Snapchat introduced is that content you send to your friends or beloved ones self-destructs in some time. But in case the communication is not properly encrypted, the files you exchange are still stored in the cloud of the app and on its server part. In the case of e-Chat, which is gaining popularity worldwide, there is no need to worry if your files, pictures, video, or audio could be leaked one day. It’s absolutely impossible to hack any of the accounts due to the decentralized nature of the app. Many celebrities advocate for e-Chat, mentioning its revolutionary feature of Cryptolike providing various opportunities to earn inside the network.


e-Chat is also planning to introduce appearance changing, but it’s only one of the features we have in the Roadmap of the project. It could be highly evaluated by the streamers because they will be able to change their appearance during the streaming, thus generating more Cryptolikes.

  • Date news 03/02
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