Show Business Stars Promote e-Chat via Social Networks

The ICO of the first decentralized anonymous, multitask messenger is underway, and well-known business and entertainment bloggers have given positive reactions to e-Chat as they recommended the platform to their subscribers:

Jay Alvarrez

e-Chat is a freedom of speech with no limits, It's impossible to steal your photos or your personal information not to mention it's super safe and modern.

An extremely popular Travel blogger, 6 mln subscribers

Jasse Golden

I just found out about e-Сhat which you can use to message, read news, make conference calls, and even get paid.

Travaller, blogger, thrill-seeker, 200k subscribers

Teng Youyou

e-Chat provides talented beings and models with a possibility to earn money on content they publish due to cryptolike. It is also guarantees secure messaging, and safe financial operations.

Teng Youyou is one of the most famous celebrities on Yizhibo platform in China. She is also among TOP 10 most beautiful chinese models. The is also known as the “queen of the leg-split” and popular university beauty.


e-Chat is a multifunctional messenger platform which allows to make full HD videocalls, share photo and video content, and earn money on cryptolikes! It is also has a high level of safety and privacy.

an extremely famous Internet-blogger, fashion star and 2017 Chinese Reds image ambassador. She is also the host of the Chinese tourism show.

Xenia Sobchak

I recommend you to take a closer look at the e-Chat messenger. Really great project in the spirit of a new era in cryptocurrency.

Presidential candidate in Russia in 2018, 5,4 mln subscribers

Anastasia Ivleeva

e-chat is a one of a kind messenger to chit-chat with friends while you're abroad. It comprises awesome full hd calls and bitcoin storage! Dev team constantly takes care of stability and often experiments over app design and additional features. One can even.... earn monye using e-chat

Anastasia Ivleeva is a well known russian TV Host and popular instagram vlogger.

Olga Buzova

"... e-Chat allows making awesome videocalls even if the interenet connection is pore! - you can post photo & video and earn money on that; one more thing is that you can store Bitcoin within e-Chat!"

TV-host, acress, designer, singer - 12,1 mln subscribers

Wu Qiong

"In the e-Chat news feed “Moments” everyone can publish various content and get paid for it due to the cryptolike option!"

“Watermelon Sister” Wu Qiong is a chinese internet-star with 1,55 mln followers on yizhibo. 

Bao Linhui

" one can steal your photos or personal data, e-Chat is the most reliable and state-of-the-art app."

Bao Linhui is the most famous Yizhibo star with 2 mln followers army!

Anastasia Samburskaya

I'm using e-Chat messenger as everyone says it's awesome. e-chat among messengers is the same as google among search engines.

Actress, 9,1 mln subscribers

Viktoria Bonya

I love cryptolike option as I can publish quality content and get paid for it.

Interviewer. TV-host. Journalist, 5,7 mln subscribers

Natalia Rudova

..fully protected decentralized-blockchain messenger.

Actress, 2,9 mln subscribers

Alena Vodonaeva

e-Chat allows monetazing your talents!

TV host, journalist, 2 mln subscribers

Viktoria Lopyreva

I recommend you to take a closer look at the e-Chat messenger. Really great project in the spirit of a new era in cryptocurrency.

Ambassador Of FIFA WC 2018, 1,7 mln subscribers

Aiza Anohina

 e-Chat is the same as Instagram, yet you can get real money instead of likes!

Designer, blogger, TV host, 1,5 mln subscribers

Nika Viper

Well, the most interesting is that you can find here: cryptowallet installed in the messenger (you can pay for any purchases online and offline)

Model, 1,3 mln subscribers

Masha Minogarova

e-Chat is the app that helps models, photographers, bloggers and other creative beings in professional development. 

Model, blogger, TV anchorwoman, 665k subscribers

Dmitry Portnyagin

e-Chat has such features as cryptowallet as well as various payment options. Its news feed is extremely informative and looks similar to Instagram and Facebook.

Business blogger

In their reviews, all bloggers without exception note the high degree of security and confidentiality of data transfers inside the application, which was the highest priority for our developers. They personally confirm that this messenger will allow you to solve any task related to both global communication and personal finance as it includes such functionality as crypto-wallet and cryptolike - the new financial paradigm of our time.

In addition to all of the above, bloggers mention the ongoing ICO, which they offer to support:

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