Duke University Participates in Educational Crypto Program

It is difficult to imagine the development of the cryptocurrency industry without the help of the largest universities in the world. Knowing this, the employees of Duke University made efforts to develop an interest in blockchain technologies.

Work on the project is carried out in collaboration with the Citizens Reserve startup. The educational program is created primarily for students. With its help, it is planned to form a correct understanding of the crypto industry and identify talented specialists to continue further education in this field.

The project will create a laboratory-incubator for blockchain projects. Work will be carried out on real startups and the organization of various events in the crypto field. In addition, a blockchain technology curriculum will be created to bring up a new generation of crypto experts.

E-CHAT Team’s Opinion

The blockchain is in demand in many industries, such as finance, logistics, and health care. Many companies are carrying out researches on this topic, while the initiative to provide access to the latest knowledge for students is an excellent step towards creating a stable future of the crypto market.

  • Date news 03/24
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