e-Chat vs. Instagram

e-Chat is the first decentralized multi-task messaging platform with an inbuilt cryptowallet. What makes it different from other existing messaging clients, particularly Instagram?

1. e-Chat is a decentralized app built on Blockchain

Instagram has centralized management and architecture. Instagram gets the personal information of its users, decides what topics to discuss, and what kind of data to exchange. It means that the management policy of this corporation could be manipulated by states or political organizations and it’s a matter of time when our freedom could be fringed.

As you know all products based on the Blockchain technology have distributed architecture. It means that the information is exchanged through the independent nodes scattered around the globe. e-Chat cannot be controlled by any third party. The messenger is completely free from any interference.

2. End-to-end encryption in e-Chat ensures absolute safety of each user's data

Instagram doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption at all, which means that user accounts containing photos or videos can be hacked.

The development team created e-Chat in such a way that the content exchange between users is completely protected, all data is encrypted and stored in a decentralized way.


3. e-Chat unique function of Cryptolike

As you may already know, the Cryptolike option has no analogs in any messaging clients, including Instagram. Cryptolike provides the option for any user to transfer any sum of money to anyone within the platform by upvoting their content. This is an ideal way for independent bloggers and highly-creative authors, photographers, etc. to earn online without being forced to go through advertising something they don’t want to on their channels.

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