About Famous People Who Use e-Chat

During preparation for e-Chat’s ICO, the instant messenger was already actively used thanks to its functionality. Therefore, not only ordinary users of social networks but also many stars were interested in using it.

Such famous people as singer Jesse Golden, popular blogger Jay Alvarrez, one of China's 10 most beautiful models Teng Youyou, fashion star Fanfan started to use e-Chat. The reason for the popularity is the functionality of our multitask manager, providing maximum confidentiality and convenience when communicating.

Everyone who uses social media is well aware that their main drawback is centralization. It is associated with the activities of various government agencies.

The law restricts not only censorship but also other areas. By decision of state structures, a ban can be imposed on the activities of social networks, existing account data, and correspondence. Our messenger is free from regulatory restrictions, as it is completely decentralized!

Decentralization is the absence of a single center that controls any activities. Each user, installing e-Chat, contributes to the support of its blockchain. There is not a single vulnerable node, which makes it possible to resist government structures.

It is impossible to steal your personal information, as it is stored on a large number of servers around the world. User traffic is evenly distributed, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Blockchain technology helps the messenger to be invulnerable to hacker attacks, as well as promote complete anonymity. It is much safer and more convenient than working with any other messengers.

The fast speed of transactions attracted a large number of users and developers to the platform. Thus, project information was posted on Forbes, CoinNewsAsia, MorningStar.

Thanks to this, the popularity of the application increases daily. We always try to make it better for our users!

  • Date news 01/27
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