Show Business Stars Promote e-Chat via Social Networks

The ICO of the first decentralized anonymous, multitask messenger is underway, and well-known business and entertainment bloggers have given positive reactions to e-Chat as they recommended the platform to their subscribers -

"E-Chat is a new fashionable application with many possibilities for beautiful and talented people ... an application that helps novice models, photographers, bloggers and other creative people to develop”, wrote Maria Minogarova, a Russian model, blogger and TV presenter in her Instagram. Two more Russian models, Vika Lopyreva and Victoria Bonya use e-Chat to communicate with their friends. On their Instagram pages the ladies stressed out the high quality of video and audio calls, profound encryption of the messaging, and financial parts.

"... First, this application is considered the safest! ... Well, the most interesting thing is that it has crypto-wallet right inside the messenger”,said entertainment blogger and model, Nika Viper in her Instagram "What else should I do on vacation, other than to test a new cool messenger e-Chat ... calls and photos / videos in HD quality", Natalya Rudova shares on her Instagram chilling on a beach.

In their reviews, all bloggers without exception note the high degree of security and confidentiality of data transfers inside the application, which was the highest priority for our developers. They personally confirm that this messenger will allow you to solve any task related to both global communication and personal finance as it includes such functionality as crypto-wallet and cryptolike - the new financial paradigm of our time. "The application has a cryptolike, if someone likes my content, then I get paid for it”, said Dmitry Portnyagin - a business blogger and entrepreneur of a leading popular channel “Transformer” in YouTube.

In addition to all of the above, bloggers mention the ongoing ICO, which they offer to support:

"Support e-Chat at and earn on your talents”! - advises Maria Minogarova.

Want to know more about e-Chat - the most progressive instant messenger of our time?

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