ERC20 Token vs. Ethereum Fork

e-Chat is not just a messenger anymore.
We are one step away from creating
a new-generation social network!

We already have a working application, but now our goal is the Decentralized Messenger Platform. And for implementation of this idea we’re going to conduct the Ethereum hardfork. Thus, instead of the ERC20 standard tokens, each user investing in e-Chat will receive the full-value coins of the new platform.

What kind of benefits will this step bring to the platform?

  • improvement of the Ethereum network;
  • new functionality of the e-Chat platform;
  • the platform will become more attractive for vast amount of new users as well as professional developers.

How will investors benefit from this step?

  • huge profits from the investments!
We do care what you think of it
and would be happy to hear your opinion.
That’s why we’ve decided to conduct this poll.
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